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Technology Consulting,
Staffing & Outsourcing

Built by technology professionals for technology professionals.
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Staffing Solutions
Agile Workforce Solutions: Navigating Flexibility & Efficiency

Contingent Labor
Our onshore and nearshore personnel have the technological skills to walk in and quickly become part of the team effort.

Flex-Force Fusion: Bridging the Gap Between Contract and Hire

Managed Resource Programs
The “just right” solution when you want more than a contractor but a direct hire isn’t an option…yet.

Navigating Tech Recruitment: The Art of Direct Hires

Direct Hire
In the ever-evolving realm of tech recruitment, opting for a direct hire signals more than just filling a role—it signifies ambitious plans. Beyond sparing our clients the laborious resume sifting, we recognize that finding the perfect fit requires time.

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Advisory & Consulting

Navigate C-Level Challenges

Technology Advisory Services
As seasoned professionals who have walked the path of C-level roles, our advisory services allow us to partner with you to address financial, operational, and technological challenges.

Unlocking Strategic Growth

Merger & Acquisition Consulting
We specialize in empowering technology companies to achieve their growth objectives through strategic acquisitions. Our tailored approach combines industry expertise, data-driven insights, and meticulous due diligence to identify synergistic opportunities.

From Streamlined Operations to Enhanced Customer Experiences

Digital Transformation Services
Our digital transformation services are designed to respect where you came from, support and inspire your personnel during the process, and allow you to focus on the innovation you will need to enter your future as a confident organization.

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Data Services
From Data to Decisions: Building an Effective Strategy

Core Data Services
We approach the development of a data strategy by taking a holistic view of your organization’s current challenges and a discussion about what you want your data future to look and feel like.

Now what? Putting your data strategy to work

Data At Work
We’ll work with you to understand your unique business flows, process gaps and desired optimization considerations to develop your plan and roadmap to transform your business and optimize your user experiences. Because all this data is only helpful if it allows you to operate more effectively.

Transforming raw data into your competitive edge

Outcomes With Data
As your partners in deciphering the language of information, Altezas can help you craft the solutions and narrative to aide decision-making and drive strategic initiatives that activate the power of data driven businesses.

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End User Services
More than just following a flowchart to resolve an issue

Service Desk
Through hard won experience, we understand that running an effective service desk involves a combination of process, communication, and a customer centric approach so you can provide first-call resolution.

A focus on the fundamentals for strong and resilient organizations

Service Management
Your organization will benefit with enhanced service reliability, reduced disruptions, and a balance between service improvement and risk management crucial for maintaining high service quality and customer satisfaction.

It’s more than just throwing bodies at the problem. It’s collaboration and continuous improvement.

Managed IT Services
Think of us as your comprehensive IT partner. We design a package with you to prevent issues, optimize systems, and ensure smooth operations, all the while, focusing on continuous improvement.

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